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Campeggio Cinque TerreLa Riviera di Levante still offers an uncontaminated and sometimes wild nature. Deiva Marina, little seaside resort in province of La Spezia, is situated in the centre of a wonderful territory that extends from Portofino to Lunigiana and the gulf of Poets, and is inserted in the wonderful natural park "Monte-Serro - Punta Mesco".
A wonderful sea and the inland rich of historical - cultural testimonies make Deiva Marina appreciated from time immemorial for seaside tourism and used as a base for excursions to the surrounding areas, thanks to the qualifiedaccommodation capacity in hotels, flats and open-air structures.
Trekking, fishing, sailing, windsurf and other sports can be easily practised on the spot, while boat and train consent comfortable visits to Cinque Terre and to Gulf of Tigullio.



Campeggio Cinque Terre Campeggio Cinque TerreCampeggio Cinque Terre
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